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How much does it cost?
Admission price information can be found on each Location page.  Kids may also purchase food, beverages, snacks, and prizes.  Be sure to visit the Locations page for the days, hours, and other information specific to the location nearest you.

What activities are there for the kids?
We offer a wide variety of activity choices.  There are always plenty of options available so kids are sure to find something that will appeal to them.

In the gym, kids can participate in games and contests like basketball, dodgeball, soccer, kickball, football, and relay races.

In the dance room, kids can dance to their favorite songs in a supervised environment. Disc jockeys only play music that has been pre-approved and deemed appropriate.  The DJ runs dance contests and games throughout the night to encourage kids to participate.

If a facility has an indoor pool, two hours of each night may be used for swimming.  Lifeguards keep everyone safe and involved in various water games and activities.

One of the highlights of the program is the opportunity to win prizes for participating in games and contests, showing good sportsmanship, answering trivia questions, or for just being in the right place at the right time!

Can I drop my kids off or must I bring them into the building myself?
Your child’s safety is very important to us; therefore, we highly encourage you to bring your child into the location and personally come into the facility at the end of the evening to pick them up.

How is the program staffed?
The safety of all kids who attend Kids’ Nite Out Across America® is our highest priority.  All of our staff members are subjected to a background check prior to being hired.

Are there rules for the kids?
Yes.  All kids and parents must agree to the program rules which include, but are not limited to: NO smoking, NO drugs, NO alcohol, NO inappropriate clothing, NO fighting, NO gum, NO profanity, NO dirty dancing, NO black soles shoes in the gym or dance room, and NO food or drink outside of designated areas.  Failure to abide by the rules may result in being suspended and/or expelled from the program without refund.

What types of food and merchandise are available?
Food choices vary by location but may include pizza, nachos, hot dogs, fruit snacks, chips, pretzels, candy, granola bars, soda, sports drinks, bottled water and more.  Merchandise typically includes inflatables, hats, jewelry, games, glow sticks and lots of other fun stuff!

How much spending money should I send with my kids?
Most kids bring $3 - $8 each night to purchase food, snacks, drinks and merchandise. 

Is any special clothing or equipment required?
Kids should dress for a night of active fun.  No inappropriate clothing is allowed.  Gym shoes are suggested.  Please note that black-soled shoes are not permitted on the gymnasium floor at most locations.

A swimsuit and towel are needed for kids who will participate in pool activities.  Flip-flops or other protective footwear is suggested.  Lockers may be available at most locations, but kids must bring their own locks.  Please note that we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.


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