frequently asked questions

Do you have a loyalty program? Yes! Whether you are a weekly Kids’ Nite Out attendee or just have a big family, our new loyalty program is perfect for you! After five (5) visits, you will receive the 6th visit free. All loyalty is now done digitally, you will earn points with every ticket purchase. If you have old punch cards, bring them in and we will happily credit your account with some extra points!

What is the Dinner Voucher option that is available when I purchase my ticket? Dinner Vouchers are a great way to make your night hassle free! Your child will be able to choose from a sub sandwich, chips and a drink, or pizza and a drink. They will be able to redeem their Dinner Voucher until 10 p.m. each evening in our concessions area.

How much spending money does my child need for a Kids’ Nite Out event? We recommend between around $10 in spending money for your child. This will allow them to get snacks ($1-$3) and drinks ($2-$3) and other fun prizes while they are at the program.

Is outside food or drink allowed at Kids’ Nite Out? Outside food and drink are not allowed at Kids’ Nite Out.

Can my child swim at Kids’ Nite Out? The pool is open from 7 p.m.- 9 p.m. at this location. Participants need to bring their swimsuit, towel and goggles (if necessary) as these are not available to them at Kids’ Nite Out. The city’s lifeguards are on duty during pool hours to maintain the safety of each participant.

Where can my child keep their belongings during Kids’ Nite Out? We highly recommend leaving all valuable items at home during Kids’ NiteOut. At this location, participants can rent a keyed lock for $2 to use during their time at our program. When they are ready to leave, the lock can be returned, and your child will be refunded the $2.

Can my child come if they are not within the 7-12 age range? Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate children outside of our allowed age range. Safety is the upmost concern for our program and these age limits are set to provide the best experience for all participants.

What is the ratio of staff to participants at Kids’ Nite Out? We maintain a 1:20 staff ratio. The ratio will never exceed 1:25.10.

Are there rules at Kids’ Nite Out? Yes.  All kids and parents must agree to the program rules which include, but are not limited to: NO smoking, NO drugs, NO alcohol, NO inappropriate clothing, NO fighting, NO gum, NO profanity, NO dirty dancing, NO black soles shoes in the gym or dance room, and NO food or drink outside of designated areas.  Failure to abide by the rules may result in being suspended and/or expelled from the program without refund.